Seven Treasure Island Channel "Magazine Supplement" Summary
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November 2023 Magazine Supplement List Summary

Here is a list of November 2023 magazine supplements available at Seven Net Shopping, 7-Eleven, and Takarajima Channel, Takarajima-sha's official online shopping site. Information will be updated as needed.

InRed December 2023 issue

Journal Standard Relume supervised by Haruka Yvrelde! Opening luck! A trifold wallet. This trifold wallet in leather-like black is very mature. Under the supervision of Haruka Yvrelde, it is designed to improve your luck.

InRed December 2023

Release date: November 7
Price: 1,370 yen (tax included)

Ota-no-Oshareta Techo, December 2023 issue

KEI Hayama PLUS Large capacity with plenty of room! Big bag & pouch set.

Otona no Oshareta Techo, December 2023 issue

Release date: November 7
Price: 1,390 yen (including tax)

steady. December 2023

issue Can also be used for guessing activities! Snoopy's jacana mini purse. The design features a cute artwork of Snoopy hugging Woodstock in the trendy silver color of this fall.

Otona no Oshareta Techo, December 2023 issue

Release date: November 7
Price: ¥1,390 (tax included)

MonoMax December 2023 issue

L.L.Bean Bean Boot Motif Cushion Blanket. This one can be used as both a blanket and a cushion!

MonoMax December 2023 issue

Release date: November 9
Price: 1,250 yen (tax included)

otona SWEET (additional issue of December 2023 issue of SWEET)

ALLISON BROWN Heart pattern big tote & dog Lalami fluffy charm. This is a special collaboration item with the apparel brand "ALLISON BROWN", of which Saeko-san is the director.

otona SWEET (additional issue of sweet December 2023)

Release date: November 10
Price: 1,850 yen (tax included)

sweet December 2023 issue

W collaboration between FURFUR and popular Thai character "Mamuan". Cute interior box with "80's" pop colors. (C) 2023 Wisut Ponnimit

sweet December 2023

Release date: November 10
Price: 1,390 yen (incl. tax)

Lovely That Person January 2024 issue

Compact case with cute Miffy embroidery, containing items necessary for nail and face care, for quick access when you want to use them. (C) Mercis bv

Lovely That Person January 2024

Release date: November 16
Price: ¥1,390 (tax included)

LINNEL January 2024

Natural beige with fluffy quilting material and authentic leather-like (synthetic leather) switch for a luxurious look.

Linnell, January 2024.

Release date: November 20
Price: ¥1,290 (tax included)

SPRiNG January 2024 Is

sue Osamu Goods boy, girl, and Humpty Dumpty in Chinese style! Set of two lenghae and two small plates. (C) OSAMU HARADA/KOJI HONPO

SPRiNG January 2024 issue

Release date: November 22
Price: 1,360 yen (tax included)

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