Nitori Premium Curtains

Nitori Premium


Nitori Premium Curtains, premium quality Jacquard curtains, are now available in Nitori's "ready-to-use" ready-made curtains. Nitori Premium Curtains are available at Nitori stores and on the Nitori Net from the end of October.


Premium Curtains
Nitori Premium Curtains

Jacquard curtains are curtains with luxurious weave patterns and luster, woven using a traditional method invented in Europe. By combining numerous weaving techniques, such as vermillion, twill, and plain weave, complex patterns and intricate, three-dimensional designs can be expressed, and the expression changes depending on the way light hits the curtain.

Nitori Premium Curtains

On the other hand, the production of complex designs takes time and effort, and the curtains generally tend to be expensive. The curtains also come standard with the much-requested functions of "heat shielding and light shielding.

The ready-made curtains are available in a variety of sizes to fit ordinary windows, starting at 7,490 yen (100 cm wide x 110 cm long x 2 curtains). The lineup includes a total of 32 designs x 4 sizes.

Below is a selection of recommended items.

Light-blocking grade 2/heat-blocking curtains (PK009 Blue)

Nitori Premium Curtains

This curtain features a dignified ornate pattern using a traditional British design. The three-dimensional weave and luster create a beautiful pattern. Price from 9,490 yen including tax (* 100 cm wide x 110 cm long x 2 pieces). Available in blue and ivory.

Light-blocking grade 2, heat-blocking curtain (PK002 Rose)

Nitori Premium Curtains

Modern overlapping circles create depth. The exquisite shade mix texture is easy to match with both Japanese and Western rooms. Price: 7,490 yen and up including tax (* 100 cm (width) X 110 cm (length) X 2 pieces). Available in rose, blue, yellow green, and brown.

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