Nitori "Rotating gaming chair"

Nitori "Rotating gaming chair"

The ``Rotating Gaming Chair'' is sold exclusively at Nitori Net. The price is 11,990 yen (tax included). Size is 53cm wide x 69cm deep x 82cm high. Available in 10 colors: gray, black, beige, brown, red, orange, yellow-green, blue, light blue, and purple. An additional fee will be charged for purchases or deliveries to some remote islands.

Since the “Gaming Chair” began sales in December 2021, cumulative sales of the series have exceeded 40,000 units. This is a very popular item that solves the problem of not being able to work or play games unless you also buy a table.

This time, we have developed a new high type "rotating gaming chair" based on the idea that "we want you to enjoy the time you spend at home in a more relaxing way." You can use it as a table by bending the backrest outward. This is an item that can be used in a variety of situations.

Not only can it be used as a swivel chair, but you can also quickly convert it into a table by reclining the backrest to approximately 90 degrees. Sitting in the opposite direction is perfect for reading, playing games, working on the computer, etc.

We went through many trials and errors to create a turntable that rotates smoothly and has excellent durability. We use a more stable rotary disk that does not shift or rattle.

Nitori "Rotating gaming chair"

Like the gaming chair, the table can be reclined in 14 steps. In addition, it is made of the same mesh fabric as the gaming chair, and has a design that takes advantage of the two-tone type.

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