Nitori Co., Ltd. announces a new lineup of gaming chairs

Nitori will be selling a new lineup of gaming chairs on Nitori Net in late January.


Pursuing even more comfort and color

Gaming chairs are popular items that can be used in all kinds of living situations, such as gaming, working from home, studying, reading, watching TV, and taking naps, and a total of over 40,000 units have been sold since their release. This new lineup includes a model with a wider seat surface, a model using velor material, and a special cover that allows you to use it without worrying about getting it dirty.

New product lineup that can be selected according to your physique

The ``Gaming Chair Wide Lever Type'', which is appearing as a new product in the lineup, is a wide type with a seat surface that is 9 times wider than the conventional one. Provides even more comfortable seating. This product is available only in black and is priced at 15,990 yen (tax included).

Enjoy color variations according to the season

"Gaming Chair 2 Velor" has 7 new colors added in addition to the 10 color variations that have been available so far. Made of velor material that is perfect for fall and winter, it comes in 7 colors: rose, purple, green, yellow, yellow-green, beige, and gray. The price is 11,990 yen (tax included).

Dedicated cover that allows you to easily change the color

The ``Special Cover for Gaming Chair 2'' is made of machine-washable material, has a good fit, and is easy to install. Even if you already own the Gaming Chair 2, you can enjoy it by changing the cover to suit your mood. The cover variations are available in 7 colors, and the price is 2,990 yen (tax included).
*All sold on Nitori Net