MUJI Recommended Travel Goods
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MUJI Summary of travel goods that are useful for 2-night, 3-day trips

From among the products offered by MUJI, we would like to introduce travel goods that will be very useful if you take them on a 2-night, 3-day trip.


compression bag for clothing

This is a compression bag for clothing that allows you to remove air by hand. The design makes it difficult to see the clothes inside, so your privacy is protected. Each bag can hold 2 to 3 items such as T-shirts, and 1 to 2 items such as sweaters and sweatshirts.

Price: 590 yen Size: 390mm x 500mm

Muji recommended travel goods

Polyester foldable sorting case double type

A pocketable case that is convenient for organizing bulky clothing when traveling. Recommended for people who are not good at organizing. There are two sizes, S and M, and four colors.

Price: S size = 1,090 yen, M size = 1,290 yen Color: 4 types

Muji recommended travel goods

Washable clothing case

This clothing case is made of laundry net material, and you can simply throw the stored clothes into the washing machine and wash them. This is a convenient item that eliminates the hassle of having to replace it after you get home. There are two sizes: S and L.

Price: S size = 790 yen, L size = 1,090 yen

Muji recommended travel goods

EVA case with zipper

This zippered case is convenient for people who carry around spare masks and other accessories. This is a must-buy item for those who carry pens, memo pads, and stationery with them, or who buy them to take home with them.

Price: 120 yen Size: Approximately 150 x 220 mm

Muji recommended travel goods

Hanging toiletry case

This toiletries case can be opened up and hung on a hook in the bathroom. There are many pockets, so you can carry bottles of lotion etc. while standing upright. There are 3 types of colors.

Price: 1,790 yen Size: Approx. 16 x 19 x 6 cm
Color: 3 types

Muji recommended travel goods

nylon makeup pouch

A free-standing makeup pouch that can store brushes and other items upright. It has pockets of various sizes, making it easy to use. There are 3 types of colors.
Price: 1,290 yen Size: Approx. 16 x 14 x 6 cm
Color: 3 types

Muji recommended travel goods

3D mesh case

It has a gusset and is thick, making it a convenient item for storing bulky accessories and organizing inside your backpack. Since it's mesh, you can see what's inside at a glance. Available in three sizes and colors.

Price: S size = 690 yen, M size = 890 yen, L size = 990 yen Color: 3 types

Muji recommended travel goods

portable sewing set

This sewing set is very convenient to keep in your bag. You can cut loose threads and attach buttons.

Price: 250 yen Size: Approx. 3.7x6.3x1.2cm
Set contents: Needles (4 pieces), needle case, threader, safety pin (1 large, 2 small), thread cutter, thread (white, black, gray, 3 m each)

Muji recommended travel goods

portable glasses wiper

This eyeglass cleaning cloth uses ultra-fine acrylic non-woven fabric. Also suitable for wiping sensitive smartphone screens. It is also useful when applying a protective sticker to your smartphone screen.

Price: 80 yen Quantity: 14 pieces Size: 133x15cm

Muji recommended travel goods

Earplugs and case included

These are polyurethane earplugs that come with a case that is convenient to carry. This is a convenient item that can be used quickly when you hear snoring from next to you or in front of you when traveling on a long journey, such as on a night bus. You can also leave music playing through earphones, but this will drain your smartphone's battery, so it's worth bringing along just in case.

Price: 290 yen Size: 1 set

Muji recommended travel goods

Identification label for small bottles

This is a sticker that identifies what is inside the subdivided bottle. Once you get used to it, it is a convenient item for refilling shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc. Just by looking at it, you can tell what's in it. Another point is that it has embossed lines so you can check it by touching it.

Price: 100 yen Contents: 2 sheets (with markings: 1 sheet, plain: 1 sheet)

Muji recommended travel goods

portable aroma diffuser

A cute and portable aroma diffuser. Enjoy the scent of essential oils while traveling. It is powered by a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery, so it can be used cordless, and it can also be used with a USB power source.

Price: 2,793 yen Size: Width 7.5cm x Depth 7.5cm x Depth 3.7cm Weight approximately 80g (2.82oz) (body only)
Operating time: Approximately 8 hours without USB connection (automatically turns off after 2 hours), continuous operation possible with USB connection

Muji recommended travel goods

*It may be sold out depending on the store.

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