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Second Edition of Smart

Home Chaos Map Released The second edition of Japan's first Smart Home Chaos Map is now available, offering a panoramic view of the expanding smart home industry in Japan and abroad. Two new categories have been added to the map, and significant progress has been made, including the entry of Japan's first player in the non-life insurance industry.

Details of the

second edition of the Smart Home Chaos Map The second edition of the Smart Home Chaos Map maps a total of 400 companies in 14 categories of "smart home solutions. Compared to the first edition, two categories and 150 companies have been added. Of particular note are the "first domestic player in the P&C insurance industry," the addition of the "SHaaS (smart home OEM offering)" category, and the expansion of players in the energy management domain.

Background and Intentions behind the Creation of the Chaos Map

The LIVING TECH Association defines a smart home as a living environment in which "things and things" and "things and things" are connected via a network, and functions and services are updated to enable a lifestyle that fits each individual person. This Chaos Map aims to consider and visualize the user's life and living environment as a whole.

Background of the Second Edition of the Chaos Map

The second edition of the Smart Home Chaos Map, which garnered much attention in the first edition released in March 2023, now includes significantly more domestic and international players and categories, enabling it to provide more detailed information. The map is also structured to make it easier to grasp the current status of Japan, which is considered a smart home underdeveloped country, as well as the blank spots in the industry.

How to read and categorize

the chaos map This chaos map is divided into 14 categories, where the inner group is for domestic companies (services), the second group is for global companies (services) with a presence in Japan, and the outermost group is for global companies (services) with no presence in Japan The outermost group is global companies (services) that do not have a presence in Japan. Each category contains details of players by industry.

Specific categories and their descriptions

Access Control: Players that provide access control infrastructure such as smart locks. Smart Home Security: A category that has been successful overseas, offering automation, etc. Insurance: A business model that benefits both users and insurance companies by reducing risk through leak detection, security measures, and fire detection. Energy Management: Utilizing smart devices as infrastructure to monitor and manage energy use. Home Automation: Provides a platform for integrating and linking different devices and systems. SHaaS (Smart Home OEM Supply): A B2B2C OEM supply of smart home platforms to reduce costs for newcomers. Luxury Smart Home (Luxury Smart Solution): Provides integrated smart home systems for luxury homes. Smart Apartment: Provides built-in smart devices to increase the value of homes. Built-In Developer (Smart Home Provider): A real estate developer that offers smart homes as standard equipment. Support (installation and configuration service): A player that provides support for the installation and configuration of smart devices. Telco (Telecom Operator): A player that offers a competitive advantage by providing smart homes as a service. Standards/Alliances: Standards/Alliances that support the standardization of smart home technologies and device integration among manufacturers. Smart Appliance: A manufacturer that provides home appliances that are connected to the Internet. Smart Lighting: Provides smart lighting with dimming and color control.

Panasonic's New Smart Home Device "Smart Lock EX" to Go on Sale on October 15 - Next-Generation Technology for Ultimate Safety and Convenience 36 Images 2