There is a restaurant where vegetables and eggs are piled up on the kitchen counter. The chef's spirit of "I'm going to cook and serve this material here! (I'm not cheating!)" Is conveyed, and I'm excited just by looking at it.

"Vegetable lamps" are table lamps that can produce such a spirit at home. Display vegetables on the table. Use it by piercing the attached fork. It is a lighting fixture that illuminates the table top, and at the same time, the displayed vegetables make the eater a little happy.

Peter Marigold and Marigold made this lamp, explaining the benefits of vegetable lamps as follows.

"'Vegetable lamp' is a table lamp that uses large and heavy vegetables as a lamp stand. The owner of this lamp is not only from the viewpoint of" delicious "when shopping, but also" stable (as a lamp stand) " You will be able to see the vegetables from a new perspective, whether they are "or" or "beautiful (when placed on a table)". "

By the way, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, radishes, beets, winter melons, melons, watermelons, apples, etc. are suitable as lamp stands.

"Vegetable lamps" can be purchased in Japan from online shopping sites such as Baito Rico. The price is around 8,000 yen.