Designer Judson Beaumont created a sofa with storage space underneath the seat.

This sofa is furniture that can be arranged in any place. If you place it near the bathroom, you can put bath towels in the storage space. You can store books when you set them up in your study, and children's favorite toys in the kids room.

The empty space is both a storage space and a display space. Whether or not it can be displayed beautifully depends on the sense of the owner. You can create your own sofa that will surprise, impress, and laugh at the people who visit your room. Yes, with this sofa, it's not the design of the sofa itself that matters, but what the purchaser puts into the sofa.

This sofa is Beaumont's work 3 years ago. If you are serious about purchasing, you can send an email to [email protected] and they will consider whether it can still be manufactured, in that case, what the price is, and whether it can be sent to Japan.