Even today, when digital players are in full swing, there are surprisingly many people who think that amplifiers must be vacuum tubes. Because it is made of glass, it has an "open (?)" Design that allows you to see the inside completely, and it is a vacuum tube that shines brightly during operation. It is an element full of drawbacks such as it does not operate immediately when the switch is turned on, it consumes a lot of power, it has a short life, and it is extremely weak against mechanical shocks, but it still has a texture and expressive power that can only be produced with a vacuum tube. Some people buy tube amps because they are attracted to the sound.

Designer Stefan Radev designed a tube amp at the behest of Danish startup Lampion. This is a vacuum tube amplifier, but it has a modern design and connectivity with smartphones.

The top of the amp is equipped with Lightning and microUSB sockets, so you can plug in your iPhone, Android smartphone, etc. directly. It also has an AUX jack, so it can accept output from traditional audio players (such as MP3 players).

The material of the amplifier is aluminum and wood. Aluminum has the role of cooling the heat generated from the vacuum tube, and wood has the role of expressing the warm sound of the vacuum tube.

The output is 20W + 20W. The name of the vacuum tube used is RCA 845. As output terminals, RCA terminal and headphone terminal are prepared.

The feature of digital music is that you can enjoy the same sound whenever and wherever you listen. This is different from vinyl records and cassette tapes, which wear out and change the sound each time you listen to them. However, if you pass it through a vacuum tube amplifier, even if it is a digital sound source, a slightly different sound may be heard depending on the temperature of the day. It might be a good idea to buy this tube amp and enjoy such a difference.

Unfortunately, the price and launch date are unknown at this time.