Automatic musical instruments are musical instruments that reached their heyday in the early 1900s. Various musical instruments are automatically played based on the information stored in the "music roll" with holes in the paper and the "paper disc" with holes in the circular cardboard. Early automatic musical instruments were limited to organ performances, but gradually it became possible to handle multiple musical instruments, the songs played became complicated, and the playing time was extended.

Hammacher Schlemmer, a mail-order site in the United States, sells a modern version of the automatic musical instrument "Hootenanny." If you install this in your room, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the 1900s at home parties.

"Hootenanny" is an automatic musical instrument that incorporates 17 musical instruments. All the instruments are beautifully displayed in the handcrafted oak cabinet, and you can enjoy not only the performance but also the movement.

"Hootenanny", an automatic musical instrument with 17 built-in instruments
"Hootenanny", an automatic musical instrument with 17 built-in instruments

"Hootenanny" can store 13,000 digital music songs. Saved songs can be selected on the 15-inch touch screen.

Bass and snare drums are in charge of the rhythm section of "Hootenanny". This is complemented by 12 percussion. Percussion includes bongos, agogos, woodblocks, tambourines, maracas, cowbells, and multiple cymbals.

The guitar and banjo are in charge of the melody and harmony. Because of this composition, the genres of songs that they are good at are big band, rock, blues, jazz, bluegrass and so on.

It measures 2 meters high x 1.2 meters wide x 0.64 meters deep and weighs 125 kilograms. The price is 54,000 dollars (about 5.88 million yen). Please contact Hammacher Schlemmer for availability of shipping to Japan and shipping costs if shipping is possible.