"Canadiano" is a coffee dripper that allows you to put coffee in a cup. You can enjoy coffee with the aroma of wood.

"Canadiano" is a coffee dripper with a built-in filter that does not require a paper filter. Born in Canada, a country of natural wood. It's a popular item among Canadian coffee lovers who enjoy forest bathing and the outdoors.

"Canadiano" has a distinctive design with a stadium-shaped interior. This design is inspired by the design of the French Revolutionary architect Etienne-Louis Boulet. It has a simple structure that makes you feel the universal beauty.

A metal filter is attached to the center. By placing coffee powder on this part and pouring hot water, you can enjoy coffee with the aroma of natural wood.

"Canadiano" can be selected from four types: "white birch", "birch", "walnut", and "sakura". The price is 14,900 yen. The release date is October 24, 2014. Pre-orders are currently being accepted on the Canadiano website.