"Funassyi and Funassyi", a collaboration between Funassyi and Funassyi, will go on sale on December 26th. The price is 5,875 yen (tax included).

"Funassyi with Fuchiko in a cup" is a collaboration product between the angel "Fuchiko" who descended on the edge of the cup and the pear fairy "Funassyi". It consists of 5 types: "Fuchiko and Funassyi", "Fuchiko and Kime Pose Funassyi", "Fuchiko and Crumpled Funassyi", "Fuchiko and Handstand Funassyi", and "Secret".

The main body size is about 50 mm. Fuchiko has a structure that can be hooked on the edge of a cup by itself.

Reservations are accepted at mail-order sites such as Goriland.