"Revitalizer" is a table lamp with a lamp shade made of wax. Created by designer Merve Kahraman in London, England.

When you turn on the power switch, the heat of the light bulb will gradually melt the lamp shade. The point of this table lamp is that you can enjoy the appearance of the shade that changes from moment to moment. The shade not only changes its appearance, but also changes the amount of light that illuminates the room.

Below the lampshade is a cup that holds the wax, and under the cup is an electric heater that keeps the wax melted. After the shade is completely melted, turn off the electric heater and wait for about 2 hours, then the wax will harden and a new shade will be completed. If you take it out and attach it to the lamp, you can enjoy the new (?) Lamp shade that has been reborn.

The size is height 45 x width 24 x depth 24 cm. The lampshade wax is said to have a scent.

There is also a wooden table lamp "Revitalizer 2" that uses tamo or walnut wood for the main body.