On December 4, the pilot started selling "Friction Stamp", a stamp that can be erased even if you press it incorrectly, utilizing the technology of "Friction Ink", an ink that disappears due to frictional heat.

The "friction" series, which utilizes "friction ink", has been developed into various writing instruments such as ballpoint pens, felt-tip pens, and colored pencils. The "friction stamp" released this time is the first stamp to apply "friction ink" to other than writing tools. After the ink has dried, rubbing it with the erasing rubber on the back of the stamp body makes the imprint colorless and can be erased cleanly. It uses ink that does not easily strike through, so you can easily stamp it on notebooks, letters, cards, etc.

There are 30 types of stamp designs, such as "business trip," "meeting," "birthday," and "heart," which allow you to see the schedule at a glance. A total of 6 ink colors were prepared according to the stamp surface design.

■ Seal design

"Holiday" "Done" "Heart" "Star" "Laughs" "Clover" "Notes" "Business trip" "Surprised" "OK" "Payday" "Drinking party" "Lessons" "Meals" "Presents" "Birthday" "Part-time job" "Meeting" "Lunch box" "Hospital" "Crying" "Working day" "Dentist" "Yoga" "School" "Swimming" "Anniversary" "Sunny" "Cloudy" "Rain"

■ Ink color

"Red" "Pink" "Light blue" "Blue" "Apricot orange" "Green"

The size is 55x14x14 mm and the price is 120 yen (excluding tax).