Enuchi previously introduced a carpet with a dented floor. Introducing this time is "trick mat". This is a place mat that looks like the table is dented due to the weight of the tableware.

Reference image: Carpet with dented floor
Reference image: Carpet with dented floor

"Trick mat" was produced by "AP WORKS", a group centered on young designers of the production production "Ad Brain". It seems that the project team is developing "fresh and interesting products".

The dented floor carpet was created with the desire to make a boring office impressive on a tight budget. The advertising effect is outstanding, and many people have visited the office. The "trick mat" also has the feeling that it will turn a boring table top into something impressive. When you visit your friend's house, it would be a little exciting if the food was served on this place mat.

However, the sense of distance seems to go crazy, so you may need to be careful there. For example, you might try to pick up a knife and point at it. It's an optical illusion that it looks dented, because the table isn't really dented, the knife is likely to be far away, and it's actually in the usual place.

The size is 360 mm long and 455 mm wide. The colors are Arabian Blue and Off White.