The retro-modern typewriter "Hemingwrite" is a tool specializing in writing sentences in English. Equipped with a keyboard with an old-fashioned look, it provides users with the latest features such as "automatic saving of documents to the cloud" and "display using e-ink".

Many people write reports on laptops and iPads. But these are multi-purpose devices and are not specialized in writing. For example, when writing a report on a laptop, you have to turn on the device, wait for the OS to boot, and then start word processing software. If you move from one place to another, you'll need to back up your documents and carry your laptop with the necessary accessories, such as AC cables.

"Heming write" is a device that eliminates this kind of "a little hassle". Since it is a device specialized for document creation, the startup time is shorter than that of a notebook PC, and there is no need to start word processing software. Once you pick up your device, you can start writing right away.

No need to worry about saving documents. Documents written by users are saved in the cloud in real time. You can switch it off when you finish writing and carry it as it is. Just turn on the switch at the destination and you can start writing the continuation immediately.

The display used e-ink, such as the Kindle Paperwhite. This has resulted in a battery life of four weeks, which is much longer than that of a laptop. e-ink also contributes to improved visibility in dazzling places such as outdoors. When used on the beach, the screen is much easier to see than a laptop.

"Heming write" can handle 3 documents at the same time. The three documents can be switched with the lever on the left side of the device.

Use the right lever to manage Wi-Fi. There are "ON", "OFF", and "NEW" options that can be selected with the lever, and when "ON" is selected, real-time backup automatically functions. You can save the battery by selecting "OFF". In this case, the document is saved in local memory and will be automatically synchronized the next time it is turned "ON". Select "NEW" when using it in a cafe. The networks available at that location are scanned and displayed on the screen.

A dedicated "Postbox" server is used for the document back application. Postbox can sync with Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs and more.

Hemingwrite, which develops "Hemingwrite", started recruiting investors on kickstarter on December 10th for commercialization. Available with a $ 399 investment. The retail price after the kickstarter campaign will be $ 499. Shipment will start in September 2015, and delivery to Japan will also be supported.