"Nyansokou", an adhesive plaster that was announced in October and became a hot topic, "Hiding the scratches of cats cutely". I think there are many people who want it, but are wary of saying, "The release is still a long way off."

But if you notice it, it's already December. Yes, the shipping start time of "Nyansokou" is approaching. Now if you want to place an order! It may be (maybe different ...).

"Nyansokou" is a plaster for cat lovers, which was commercialized based on the illustration posted on Twitter by manga artist Rinrin Yamano. It features a design that makes it easy to tell at a glance, "Don't put it on a cat's wound."

"Nyansokou" can handle all of the good-humored blows from your cat, hard expressions of affection, and sudden gabbling that doesn't make sense.

The price is 560 yen per set (602 yen including tax). Of the main unit price, 30 yen will be used as the "Felissimo Cat Fund", and the fund portion will be tax exempt. The set includes 24 bandages (4 for each of 6 types) and 1 zipper case.