I always wear what I like and want to appeal it to the people around me. For example, if you like Disney, you will wear Mickey Mouse character goods, and if you are a Kumamoto lover, you will want to carry Kumamon character goods with you (?).

So how do stationery lovers appeal to their surroundings? "Clip Bag" may be one of the answers.

"Clip Bag" is a bag by designer Peter Bristol. It was created for the experiment, "If you increase / decrease the size of one thing, it will change to something suitable for another purpose."

Bristol magnifies a double clip of stationery. I made this into a bag called "Clip Bag". The part called the grip of the enlarged double clip is the handle of the bag, and the clip body is the bag body. Speaking as it is, it is as it is. However, there are surprisingly few people who look at the original size double clip and associate it with a bag from its shape. In that sense, Bristol's experiment that "the shape is the same, but if you change the size, it will be different" can be said to be successful.

When I opened the "Clip Bag", it was fashionable, even if it contained ordinary items. But if possible, I would like the contents to be full of stationery.

If you see someone carrying this bag on the train, you might inadvertently call out to them. And it might be fun to go to "Bunbougu Cafe " with that person. "Clip Bag" is a bag that arouses such delusions.