Tablets and smartphones are essential items for nomad workers. But isn't the keyboard the source of headaches for those people?

The virtual keyboard is not suitable when you want to type long sentences. That said, carrying a Bluetooth keyboard is bulky and cumbersome. It's easier to carry a laptop with you than to do that.

"TextBlade" is the perfect keyboard for such nomad workers. Developed by WayTools, based in California, USA.

"Text Blade" is the world's smallest Bluetooth keyboard for tablets / smartphones. It weighs about 43 grams. It is a size that fits in your pocket when folded.

Even though it is so small, "TextBlade" uses the same layout as a normal keyboard. For this reason, if you get used to it, touch type will be possible.

In "Text Blade", 3 to 6 letters and symbols are assigned to one key top. It is possible to enter more than 70 characters and symbols with 8 keys.

The key pitch of "Text Blade" is 19 mm, and the key stroke is 2 mm. This is almost the same as a keyboard for a desktop PC. It seems that you can enjoy the feeling of typing on a normal keyboard.

The power supply is a lithium polymer battery built into the space bar. WayTools explains that it can be charged via USB and can be used for a month with about an hour of charging.

The price is $ 99. It is unknown whether it supports Japanese. By all means, I would like King Jim to make a Japanese version of the product.