The first Macintosh released in 1984. The design that embodies the technology of the future was attractive. There are still many Apple enthusiasts who like this design the most.

It's been over 30 years since the first Macintosh was released. Apple sells its successor, the iMac. The latest iMac is technically great, but it's a lot different from what it used to be. CURVED / labs describes this as follows:

"Thirty years ago, Steve Jobs wanted to make his computer more user-friendly, which is why Jobs gave the original Macintosh a" face. "

What if "CURVED / labs-Mac" revives this original Macintosh? A desktop PC made with the concept. Made by CURVED / labs. It is equipped with modern technology while reproducing a nostalgic and beautiful design.

CURVED / labs-The components of the 11-inch MacBook Air were used in the production of the Mac. For this reason, it has an Intel i7 CPU, 128GB SSD, and 8GB of memory inside.

Full of such latest technology, the appearance is like the original Macintosh of 1984, which is the biggest attraction of this machine.

On CURVED / labs-Mac, the FD drive has been replaced with an SD card slot. The SD card is inserted at the end of the slot. It looks like Peko-chan with her tongue out, and it's a little cute.

CURVED / labs-Mac is unlikely to affect Apple's next iMac. But if it's such a design, maybe I want it. It is a design that makes you feel like that.

(All images are from the CURVED site)