At the gallery "TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO" that opened in 2014, a joint photo exhibition of cats "Cat Log Exhibition" will be held from March 6th to 15th.

The difference between the "Cat Log Exhibition" and the regular cat photo exhibition is that there is no theme. Emphasizing the world view of each artist, it is possible to display free works. Eight groups of artists will participate in the photo exhibition, and more than 200 works will be exhibited.

The participating artists in the "Cat Log Exhibition" are as follows.

■ Mr. kiyochan
He has published his works on his blog "That's why I like Tokyo! Cats in the city", and his photo books "Cat Walk", "Cat Walk 2", and "New Cat Walk".

■ Mr. Nekoiro Tokyo
A group of seven photographers who followed the stray cats living in Tokyo today. Members are playing an active role independently, including Mr. Masakazu Ikeguchi, who holds a solo exhibition. Representative works include "Tokyo Osaka 2 Metropolitan Cat Story", "Four Color Cats", and "Tokyo Cat Story".

■ Sakura Ishihara
Active in television and magazines as a cat-centered photographer. Since he has a qualification as a first-class pet animal breeding manager, he also supervises books. His representative works include "Shimaneko Hiyori" and "Cat's Cute Shooting Notebook".

Other exhibitors will be Toshimitsu Hoshino, Koji Nakagawa, Honor Kawai, and two other groups.

The first 2,000 visitors to the photo exhibition will receive a "Cat Cafe Map" that covers all the cat cafes in Taito Ward.

The gallery "TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO" will hold an event to open the gallery to artists for free from March 2015 in order to train artists. The "Cat Log Exhibition" to be held this time is the first of these. It will be an exhibition where you can see the largest number of cat photographic works in Tokyo.

Gallery "TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO" which will be the venue for the cat log exhibition
Gallery "TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO" which will be the venue for the cat log exhibition

Please refer to the "TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO" website for details on the location, date and time of the "Cat Log Exhibition", admission fee, etc.