The Living Newspaper's "Saved Grand Prize" selects new products and services that housewives think "helped!" The results of the 21st meeting were announced. The gold medal in the household products category was "Gelball Detergent Ariel / Bold".

For P & G's "Gelball Detergent Ariel / Bold", many "helped" voices were received for the novelty of the idea that overturned the conventional "measurement of detergent". "It's helpful because it doesn't drip and you don't have to measure the detergent." "I'm surprised at the futuristic shape. It has a nice scent and you can enjoy washing." Comments such as "You can get it" were also conspicuous.

Following "Gelball Detergent", Kao's "Attack Neo Antibacterial EX W Power" was selected as the silver prize in the household products category. Some people said that they were happy that they not only save water, save electricity, and save time, but also have antibacterial effects.

The bronze prize is Kao's "Cucut Clear Disinfection / Clear Disinfection Green Tea Fragrance". In addition to disinfecting, deodorizing, and removing dullness, there were comments that foam breakage was also good.

Other prize-winning products in the household goods category were:

・ IRobot "iRobot Roomba 800 Series"
・ Johnson "Mold Killer Alcohol Sterilization for Table"
・ Fumakilla "Kawaii Select Insect Repellent Barrier / Insect Repellent Barrier Perfect for Ami Door"
・ Lion "Clinica Advantage Dental Floss Y-shaped type"
・ P & G "Joy Compact"
・ Lion "Ban Sweat Block Roll-on"
・ Delonghi Japan "Brown MultiQuick Hand Blender (MQ775 / MQ735)"
(Arranged in alphabetical order)

The new products that were selected were those released and announced from September 2013 to September 2014. After the first vote and the reader examination committee, 10 prize-winning products in each category are decided. Each award was decided by a total of 94,508 votes from housewives nationwide. The voting period was from November 20th to December 28th, 2014.