Lion will release four "PET KISS FOR CAT Oral Care" series of snacks for cats with a toothpaste effect on March 4th.

In the oral cavity of cats, plaque easily turns into tartar, which is about three times faster than humans. For this reason, "periodontal disease" is the number one problem in the oral cavity of cats.

"PET KISS FOR CAT Oral Care" is an oral care treat for cats that contains oral care ingredients in the snacks that cats like to eat. It contains 3 oral care ingredients and can be chewed to remove stains on teeth.

When a cat chews on "PET KISS FOR CAT Oral Care", "brushing scrub (fine particles)" enters the gap between teeth and removes dirt. In addition, "sodium pyrophosphate" and "polylysine" support the function of brushing scrub and suppress the deposition of plaque and tartar.

There are four flavors: Niboshi, Crab-flavored Kama, Katsuobushi, and Sasami Jerky. You can choose according to your cat's taste.