IKEA has announced an interior that is compatible with the "Qi" charging system. This is a series of furniture that keeps your room clean and simple.

Most IKEA interiors are based on simple brightly colored lines. This makes the room look bright and neat. However, if you have a charging cable for your smartphone, the room tends to get messed up. Most of the cables are black, so it's not very fashionable.

The IKEA furniture series announced this time is an interior for expelling charging cables from the room. There is a "+" mark on the pedestal part of the lamp etc., and you can charge it by placing a Qi compatible smartphone etc. on it.

Not only for the living room, but also for various rooms. If you install these in your work room or bedroom, you can charge them while you work or sleep.

The interior also has the benefit of not forgetting where to put your smartphone or hunting around to find a charging cable.

IKEA has also announced a charging station with a design that matches existing interiors. It has a USB port and can charge devices that do not support "Qi".

Interiors that support "Okudake Charging" will go on sale in Europe and North America on April 15, and will be available in other regions as well. The sales start date in Japan has not been announced yet.