MacBook Wall Desk is a standing desk for MacBook. It's an item that turns your favorite place into a work space of your own height.

The product is a set of top plate and mounting knob. Attach the knob to a wall, etc., and insert the top plate to use it. By adjusting the mounting position of the knob, you can complete a standing disc with the height that suits you. Since the top plate can be inserted and removed, it is possible to use the aisle as a temporary work space.

Also active as a PC stand on the desktop. You can use your MacBook like a desktop PC by connecting a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard. Since the position of the monitor is raised, it also has the effect of reducing fatigue caused by long hours of work.

You can also keep your desktop neat by storing peripherals such as a mouse and keyboard under the stand.

The price is $ 209.99 ($ 28.00 including shipping). There are two types of materials, walnut and oak.