Lion's Living Care Institute is investigating dirt around the toilet. The result was announced. It has been clarified regarding the main culprit of toilet dirt, "urine splash".

■ The number of married men who sit on the toilet seat and add extra work has increased to about 40% of the total!

According to a survey of married women about their husband's small-duty style, the number of husbands who sit down and do small-duty work is increasing year by year, reaching 38% in 2014, which is close to 40%. The ratio increased about 1.5 times in 6 years.

In 2005, the Living Care Research Institute revealed that the causes of unpleasant odors in the toilet were "urine splash" and "bacteria", and announced the following three.

(1) When a man stands and uses it for a short time, the amount of urine splashed around is about 2,300 drops per day.
(2) There are about 2,000 bacteria per square centimeter in places with a lot of urine splashes.
(3) A strong odor (ammonia odor) is generated when the bacteria decompose urine.

It is thought that such information was one of the triggers, and the number of men who sat down and added extra work increased.

Urine splash "when standing up and doing small tasks" You can see that it spreads widely not only on the toilet bowl but also on the floor and walls
Urine splash "when standing up and doing small tasks" You can see that it spreads widely not only on the toilet bowl but also on the floor and walls

■ Don't let your guard down even in a sitting style! The new urine splash spot is often overlooked "the back of the toilet seat"

Did men sit down and do small tasks to make their home toilets less dirty? According to the Living Care Institute's verification, sitting and doing small tasks reduced the amount of urine splashes that fly to the outside of the toilet bowl, but found that there were many urine splashes on the back of the toilet seat. Even if you use it several times a day, it seems that a lot of urine splash stains have accumulated on the back of the toilet seat.

It is thought that the risk of accumulating dirt without noticing the urine splash on the back of the toilet seat is increasing because the chances of raising the toilet seat are reduced when men are sitting on the toilet seat.

■ The higher the temperature, the more ammonia is generated from urine!

The scattered urine is decomposed by the bacteria to generate a strong odor (ammonia odor). When the relationship between the amount of ammonia generated from urine and the temperature was investigated, almost no ammonia was generated at 5 degrees, but ammonia was generated at 25 degrees and 37 degrees. The amount tended to increase as the temperature increased.

From this, it can be said that the environment is prone to toilet odor from early summer to autumn when the temperature rises. In addition, when using a heated toilet seat, which has become popular recently, the temperature behind the toilet seat rises to about 20 ° C (68 ° F), so odors are likely to occur even in winter.

The Living Care Institute says the key to protecting the toilet from the smell of ammonia is to wipe it off when you notice it.