Advance to Kobe!
Advance to Kobe!

The event "1st KOBE Nyanzu Festa" (hereinafter referred to as "Nyan Fes") by Felissimo Cat Club will be held on May 31st at Espace Felissimo in Suma-ku, Kobe.

"Nyan Fes" is an event that calls for the promotion of local cat activities and support for citizen volunteers. The Kobe Shimbun Mint Club, Minyasama, a citizen volunteer involved in local cat activities, and the Felicimo Cat Club will collaborate to plan and operate the event.

■ Event details
◆ Exhibition and sale of Felissimo cat club goods
Cat club SHOP is open for one day only! You can actually pick up the original goods of "Felicimo Nekobu", which are usually found only in catalogs and websites.

◆ Exhibition and sale of original works by cat writers・ Example of exhibition 1: "Felt cat" by Kyoto Maruhaus

・ Exhibition example 2: "Cardboard toys for cats" by a cat shop design shop in Osaka, etc.

・ Example of exhibition 3: Kyoto handmade miscellaneous goods "Cat motif cloth accessories" "Cat collars" by Mizuku
・ Exhibition example 4: "Handmade cat miscellaneous goods" by Shiga Mame Mame Kobo Secret Base

Many other cat goods will be exhibited and sold.

◆ Screening of "Everyone is alive-Living with a cat without an owner-"
It will be screened from 13:00 to 15:00 at the 3rd floor hall of Espace Felissimo. The admission fee is 500 yen per person (reservation required).

"Nyan Fes" will be held from 10:00 to 16:00 on May 31, 2015 (admission is until 15:30). Admission is 100 yen per person. Part of the profits, such as the admission fee for "Nyan Fes", the viewing fee for movie screenings, and the sales of miscellaneous goods from the cat club, will be used to protect animals and promote local cat activities.