The earthquake was big, wasn't it? According to preliminary figures, a seismic intensity of 4 was recorded even in a part of Tokyo's 23 wards.

When there is an earthquake with a seismic intensity of about 4, it may be convenient to use " Akari Kokeshi " in Shimonuki, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. This is a new disaster prevention product with a built-in sensor and LED light.

Kokeshi dolls have a big head, and the center of gravity is high because you can see them. Therefore, even a small earthquake is likely to collapse soon. However, in reality, as long as it is installed in a stable place, it will not easily collapse even at a seismic intensity of 3. Of course, it depends on the conditions, but basically, if you get a kokeshi doll, you can think that the seismic intensity is 4.

"Akari Kokeshi" is a disaster prevention goods that takes advantage of the nature of Kokeshi dolls that are "likely to fall and do not fall unexpectedly". When the kokeshi doll falls, the sensor detects it and the LED light turns on automatically. Seismic intensity 4 where the kokeshi doll collapses is enough to awaken a sleeping person. I think it is quite rational that the light comes on due to the shaking.

Uses 6 LED lights and 2 AA batteries. The maximum continuous lighting time is about 7.5 hours. Two types are available: traditional kokeshi dolls and creative kokeshi dolls. The price of the traditional kokeshi doll is 7,800 yen, and the price of the creative kokeshi doll is from 18,000 yen.

When you panic due to an earthquake, you forget where the lights are. In that respect, the "light kokeshi" that lights up automatically may be convenient.