While you can be with your lover every day, you can see the side that the other person did not know. Whether it's an ant or a pear as a pre-marriage simulation is always a subject of great interest. What kind of ending is actually waiting for you?

At home VOX, an information site for homes, towns, and living, we conducted a survey of 500 men and women in their 20s and 50s nationwide about "cohabitation." According to it, about half of the people who have lived together have been married since then.

Half of cohabiting couples have a happy ending
Half of cohabiting couples have a happy ending

◆ One in four people have lived together, and about half of them got married.

According to the same survey, 27% of the respondents said they had "lived together" with their lover. By gender and age group, women in their 30s accounted for the largest percentage at 37.1%. Furthermore, when asked "what happened to the cohabiting partner" to those who have lived together, about half, 48.9%, answered that they were "married" and exceeded "parting" (43.7%). ..

1 in 4 people have lived together
1 in 4 people have lived together

After that, about half got married
After that, about half got married

◆ I'm sorry ...! Episodes I couldn't stand

More than 40% of the "married people" and "parted people" said that the reason was that they lived together. Cohabitation seems to have a big impact on both outcomes.

When I asked people who had lived together about their behaviors and lifestyles that they were particularly worried about or couldn't stand while living together, the most common answer was "differences in lifestyle" following "personality mismatch". Tatoka. Below are some of our opinions.

"I'm not grateful for the cleaning and washing."
"I was able to play music that I wasn't very interested in for almost 24 hours."
"Do not turn off the lights"
"Do not close the toilet lid"
"I can't clean up"
"Making yakisoba for dinner"
"Drink alcohol if you have time"
"Leave the tableware you ate forever"
"I often eat alcohol and sweets in the middle of the night"
"Wandering naked"

There are some unique opinions, but there are certainly many things you need to know before you get married. Even if you are married, you may want to review those who apply. By the way, why is yakisoba useless?

The survey will be conducted from June 12th to June 14th. The target is 500 men and women in their 20s and 50s. The survey method is via the Internet.