In the past, the negative impact of smoking in the office on employee health has been a problem. It was unexpectedly recent that it was known that not only the person who smokes but also the people around him have health problems. Until then, many people piled up butts on the ashtray on their desks.

Recently, it has begun to be said that long sitting work has the same adverse health effects as smoking. For this reason, the number of companies introducing standing desks is increasing in the United States and other countries. Along with this, should the children's desks installed in the school also be standing desks? Is rising.

Jaswig, a startup company in Ohio, USA, followed this trend. The company has developed a standing desk "JASWIG" for children. We aim to promote the health of children.

According to Jaswig, children spend up to about 85% of their time sitting at school. Jaswig aims to improve this situation by popularizing the standing desk "JASWIG".

The feature of "JASWIG" is that the height can be adjusted. You can easily change the height by grasping the top plate and pulling it up. Compared to general desks, standing desks have a large change in usability due to height differences. In addition, it seems that this function is important to deal with the factors that children grow fast and grow taller and taller.

With this height adjustment function, "JASWIG" can also be used by adults. No chair is required, so you can keep the room clean no matter which room you install it in.

When international flights were once smoke-free, the talent pacific saury Akashiya said in a television program:

"I go to Australia every New Year. It's 9 hours. Is there anything I can't smoke for 9 hours!"

Not only pacific saury Akashiya, but many entertainers complained in this way.

But nowadays, smoking cessation on airplanes is commonplace. Isn't it the majority of people who have never seen a person smoking a cigarette on an airplane since he was born?

Similarly, decades later, standing desks may become commonplace, and people may be surprised to hear that they used to sit down to study and work.

Jaswig is currently looking for investors on the crowdfunding site kickstarter for the commercialization of "JASWIG". Unfortunately, the delivery to Japan in this campaign is undecided. Let's wait for it to be commercialized and sold in Japan.