Cat Tower" is a stacking balance game. The game is played by stacking pieces of different sizes and shapes depicting various types of cats. Two to six players can participate at a time, and each game takes 15 to 20 minutes.

The rules of the game are varied. There are several types of games, from the simplest, in which players simply stack the pieces, to those that require advanced skills (?), such as turning the pieces over and stacking them. Some of the games require several players to compete to pile the pieces as fast as possible. Some of the games involve a race among several people to stack the pieces as quickly as possible, which is said to get the participants pumped up on adrenaline.

But no matter which rules you play by, whether you win or lose the game, you are sure to be soothed by the pictures of cats on the pieces.

IDW, the distributor of "Cat Tower" in the U.S., is currently raising funds for the commercialization of "Cat Tower" on the crowdfunding site "kickstarter". The company has already succeeded in raising more funds than its goal and has decided to commercialize the product, which can be obtained by investing $20. Shipping is scheduled for February 2016. Shipping to Japan is also available.