Goods of the black cat character "Onegai Chakra", which gained popularity in the 1990s, are on sale again. Along with the reprint, he collaborated with Kenta Igarashi, a photographer famous for "flying cats". Joint events are held.

"Onegai Chakra" is a mysterious black cat. I usually spend my time freely, but with magical power, my husband's wishes come true.

In collaboration with "Onegai Chakra" and Kenta Igarashi, panel exhibitions will be held at "Onegai Chakra" events held all over the country. Igarashi-san's photographs of chakras and cute kittens playing together (?) Are on display.

Items that are reprinted and sold include the "Onegai Chakra Plush Toy" (2,484 yen) and the "Onegai Chakra Mascot" (1,404 yen). Both were pre-sold at some stores such as Kiddy Land Naya neko mart this summer, but are now generally sold at general stores and toy stores nationwide.

For more information on upcoming collaboration events and goods between "Onegai Chakra" and Kenta Igarashi, please refer to Kenta Igarashi's Facebook page and the official website of Kenta Igarashi.

(The images in this article were provided by photographer Kenta Igarashi)