"Ikoyo", an information site for children and outings, conducts a questionnaire survey on Halloween with parents and children. Approximately half of the families plan to dress up as children, revealing that boys are popular as "pirates and captains" and girls are popular as "witches". It was also found that the costumes of "Frozen", which became a big boom for girls, were also popular, and the 100-yen uniform shop was overwhelmingly popular as a place to buy costumes.

■ Do you hold events on Halloween? When asked "October 31st is Halloween, do you have any plans to hold events with your family?", 47% answered "dress up (children)", and about half of them answered. The result was that he was planning to dress up as a child at his home. In addition, compared to the results of the same survey in 2014, the number of parents and children who answered that they would participate in Halloween parades and Halloween-related events increased by 15 points, and the number of parents and children who actively participated in Halloween increased.

■ Halloween Budget When asked "How much money do you plan to spend with your family on Halloween events?", "1,000 yen or more and less than 3,000 yen" was ranked first with 44%. Compared to the same survey in 2014, the percentage of households who answered "1 yen or more and less than 1,000 yen" has doubled from 9% to 18%.

It is thought that this is partly because the "100-yen uniform shop" is overwhelmingly supported by the purchasers of Halloween costumes.

■ What kind of clothes do children wear? When asked "What kind of clothes do (children) plan to wear?", "Pumpkin / Captain" ranked first with 16% of boys, followed by "Pumpkin / Pumpkin". This is followed by "Pumpkin" (14%), "Dracula, Vampire", and "Hero (Spider-Man, Superman, etc.)" (12%). Compared to last year's popularity, the popularity of "pirates and captains" has increased about three times, the popularity of "heroes" has increased four times, and it can be seen that the number of boys' costume variations has increased.

The number one girl is "witch" with 25%. This was followed by "Ana and the Snow Queen Elsa" (11%), "Black Cat" (10%), and "Ana and the Snow Queen Anna" (7%). While "witch" has gained overwhelming support, the total of the numbers of Anna and Frozen in 2nd and 4th place is 18%, which shows that it has become a popular costume.

The survey was conducted on the "Ikoyo" site from September 3 to 30, 2015, targeting parents nationwide with children between the ages of 0 and 9. The number of valid responses was 522.