A joint photo exhibition "Cat Grapher Exhibition Nekoguratan" being held at "united bamboo" in Aichi Prefecture. A part of the exhibition has been released on the Web, and people who cannot go to Aichi Prefecture can now enjoy the work of Satoshi Maeda.

The place where the work will be released is Satoshi Maeda's Facebook event page "Cat Grapher Exhibition Nekoguratan Web". This page can be viewed even if you are not a member of Facebook.

More than 70 photos have been published. Although it is only a part of the works exhibited at the photo exhibition, it is a volume that can be fully enjoyed.

By the way, what kind of cats do cat lovers look like? I would like to explore the tendency by looking at the top 20 photos published on "Nekoguratan Web" that have many "likes".

■ Nekoguratan Web "Like" ranking ◆ 20th place
The 20th place is a lying cat. As of 11:00 am on October 19, 98 likes have been collected. Lying cats were very popular, with 6 of the top 20 (7 depending on how they were counted) lying down.

◆ 19th place
The 19th place is a tatami cat. 102 Collected "Like!" A Japanese-style piece with arabesque collar.

◆ 18th place
The 18th place is a black cat in the dark. The number of likes is 106. The cat itself is hard to see because it is black on a black background, but the eyes are beautiful.

◆ 17th place
The 17th place is an up cat whose face occupies most of the screen. 107 Likes were collected. When I wake up in the morning, I sometimes see a cat like this, but this is a piece that reminds me of that.

◆ 16th place
The 16th place is a hairy cat. The number of likes is 108. A photo that makes me think, "Lang de Cha cookie's" Lang de Cha "means" cat tongue "."

◆ 15th place
The 15th place is a cat lying down again. We are collecting 109 likes. Hey, stretch out?

◆ 14th place
The 14th place is also a lying cat. The number of "likes" is 111. The right hand is inviting something.

◆ 13th place
13th place is an up cat. 113 "Like!" A cat with a clear expression, like a company officer.

◆ 12th place
The 12th place is a peeping cat. 114 "Like!" Show me the paws and say hello!

◆ 11th place
The 11th place is a sitting cat. The number of likes is 116. Standard cuteness?

◆ 10th place
The 10th place is also a sitting cat. 120 "Like!" The secret of popularity is the charming features?

◆ 9th place
9th place is a cat looking down. 122 A collection of "likes" from the top.

◆ 8th place
8th place is a "Shah!" Cat. 125 "Like!" What kind of enemy is in front of you?

◆ 8th place The same number and 8th place is a cat looking up. A small devil with an upper eye (?)?

◆ 6th place
6th place is an up cat. 126 "Like!" I'm looking somewhere far away. Something invisible to the human eye may have been seen.

◆ 5th place
The fifth place is an eating cat. 128 "Like!" I'm crazy about fish sausage (?).

◆ 4th place
The 4th place is a lying cat. 129 "Like!" It's a wonderful piece that is shot at the same height as the cat.

◆ 3rd place
The third place is another lying cat. 132 "Like!" A piece that shows the defenseless appearance unique to domestic cats.

◆ 2nd place
Second place is cut! cat. 138 "Like!" The strength of the will is transmitted.

◆ 1st place And 1st place is "Camera cat" which is a kind of "I won't let you go" such as keyboard cat and motorcycle seat cat. The number of likes is 177. While sleeping, I can see the strong will to "I will not give this camera to anyone." It's a very cute photo, but I'm a little worried if the owner of the camera could get the camera back.

Judging from the above results, cat lovers seem to come to see the cat lying down. It may be healed by an unprotected figure. Next is a close-up photo of the face. Among them, the one looking at the camera seems to be popular.

The number of "likes" above is as of 11:00 am on October 19th. Please note that the number of likes may change significantly in the future.

In addition to the above, about 50 photographs are exhibited at the "Cat Grapher Exhibition Nekoguratan Web". It will be fun to find out the cats of your favorite type, the poses of your favorite cats, etc. from many pictures.

By the way, the author's favorite cat is "Straw Hat Cat".

Photographs are also sold at the "Cat Grapher Exhibition Nekogura Tan Web". A part of the sales will be donated to "Self-propelled Protective Cat Cafe Necoli Public".