The "800-BYST4" bicycle stand, which can store road bikes and cross bikes vertically indoors, is now on sale from "Sanwa Direct".

"800-BYST4" is a bicycle stand that can be installed vertically. A bicycle can be stored in a space with a width of about 46 cm and a depth of about 100 cm. Bicycles can be stored compactly in limited spaces such as the side of the entrance or in your room.

To store the bike, place the rear wheels on the base and hook the front wheels on the hooks. Since the bicycle is fixed in two places, the top and bottom, you can expect high stability even if it is installed vertically.

"800-BYST4" also supports horizontal storage of bicycles. In this case, it can be used if there is a space of about 46 cm in width and about 170 cm in depth.

The product is an assembly type, but the time required for assembly is estimated to be about 10 minutes for one adult. The size after assembly is about 425 x 580 x 1,170 mm and weighs 1.9 kg. The selling price is 8,870 yen (excluding consumption tax).