Reservation acceptance for the "Darth Vader" type cool box has started on the special site of the product. Sales are scheduled to start in mid-December.

This product is a cool box with a design that faithfully reproduces the head of the popular Star Wars character "Darth Vader" in detail. It is said that it can be used as an interior object because it has a highly complete finish with a focus on texture, luster, and size.

A cooling plate is installed on the base, and one 350 ml drink can can be kept cold. When you press the head, the mask pops up and the drink can inside appears, but at this time the breath sound actually used in the movie and the sound effect of the lightsaber are played alternately, while exciting the feeling of "Star Wars" , Encourage the awakening of the user's force.

The price is 42,984 yen (including consumption tax).