Well, I hated it !?
Well, I hated it !?

Have you ever been on good terms with a man you care about until recently, but have you suddenly lost your way? There must be many girls who gave up thinking that it might be pear.

But it may be the inside out of love.

According to a survey of 2,515 male members conducted by the romance / marriage matching service " pairs, " about 40% of men have "have taken a cold attitude toward anxious women." .. What kind of psychology is hidden behind it?

◆ Surprisingly 40% of men have experience

According to the same survey, 39.8% of men answered that they "have" had an unintentional cold attitude toward anxious women. It seems that there are many men who take an unfriendly attitude against their will.

Surprising for a woman who has decided that she has no pulse?
Surprising for a woman who has decided that she has no pulse?

◆ There were four reasons

When asked why, there were four major trends. Below, I will introduce some specific comments.

1. Turn over the shyness

The most frequently received opinion is "hidden". Shy men may not be able to be honest.

・ "I think it's because it's embarrassing to know my feelings" (40-44 years old, manager / executive, Tokyo)
・ "I will give an objective impression that I dare to make the uncoolness that seems to cause tension and rags look cool" (35-39 years old, cook / nutritionist, Miyazaki)
・ "To cover embarrassment" (25-29 years old, student, Yamanashi)

I'm shy ...
I'm shy ...

2. Actually, I want you to bite me

・ "I wonder if you will care about this by making it cold" (40-44 years old, real estate, Chiba)
・ "I want you to be interested in yourself suddenly" (30-34 years old, IT-related, Yamanashi)

A pattern that tries to make women care about it with a provocative or unfriendly attitude. Is it a kind of bargaining?

I really want you to get caught ...
I really want you to get caught ...

3. I don't want to realize my favorite feelings

・ "A strange pride that makes you not realize that you are conscious" (40-44 years old, office worker, Mie)
・ "To hide what you are interested in" (35-39 years old, office worker, Miyagi)

The author (female) also has the experience of desperately pretending to be the usual attitude, if not cold. Unless you have a strong heart, is it natural that you don't want to be understood by the other person unless you are sure that it will work?

4. I'm jealous

・ "I think I'm jealous of being struck by other people anyway?" (25-29 years old, doctor, Oita)
・ "I'm frustrated to see you talking to other people" (18-24 years old, finance, Tochigi)

The last reason is jealousy. You can't say "Don't get along with other people" even though you haven't been dating ... Is it surprisingly dangerous to try to get along with other men in order to attract the attention of your favorite man?

It seems that there are many men in the world who are suffering from anxiety and embarrassment and romantic feelings that do not stop when they start running. It may be ants for shy men to actively show their favor and trust from women.

The survey was conducted on the Internet for 2,515 male members registered in "pairs". The survey period is from May 7th to May 11th, 2015.