M-style conducts a questionnaire survey on "women's lies". While most girls think that there are "necessary lies", 0% of men can forgive "two-pronged" or "flirt" lies, and even when they lie, they only value themselves. The result was a pure woman's desire to lie.
■ Have you ever lied? When asked "Have you ever lied?", 100% of the respondents answered "yes", and I knew that everyone who answered had lied. rice field.

■ What kind of lie do you tell?
When asked "What kind of lie have you ever lied to?", "To not hurt the other person" was ranked first with 65%. It seems that there are many girls who lie thinking about the other person, such as protecting or caring for the other person. In second place and below, lies for self-defense such as "hide your mistakes" (57%) and "malingering" (55%) continue, and many people lie immediately to protect themselves. I found out that there is.

35% of women have lied about "romance itineraries". When a boy asks, "How many boyfriends did you have?"

Other answers were "presence or absence of boyfriend" (31%), "for appearance" (31%), "my past" (42%), "hide the fact that I met the opposite sex" (25%), and "being late". "Reason" was 34%.

■ What is the "man's lie" that you can forgive?
In response to the question "How much can a man lie?", "To not hurt the other person" (44%) was the top. Just like when a woman tells a lie, she seems to be able to forgive a lie that thinks about the other person. The second place is "for a surprise" (31%), and the girls' motives that they want their boyfriend to follow more and more if it is a lie to please themselves with a surprise are hidden.

Don't lie to feel love!
Don't lie to feel love!

On the other hand, 0% of people can forgive the lies of "two-pronged" and "flirt". Of course, no girl allows the worst act of lying and cheating while acting to betray their love.

Surprisingly, 7% of respondents said they would meet the opposite sex. There is not much difference with the 3rd place "April Fool's Day Limited" (8%). Since each person has their own affairs, there were some girls who were open-minded to forgive lies for "meeting the opposite sex." If you are not cheating, it is OK to "meet the opposite sex". But then, rather, do you want me to lie? In the previous question, "What kind of lie have you ever lied to?", One in four girls answered "Hide the fact that you met the opposite sex", but I really don't want boys to hide it. prize.

In any case, girls are like creatures who want to feel the affection of boys, even when they are lying.

Other answers were 9% for self-defense and 1% for married. One in 100 people can forgive the fact that they have a wife.

The survey was conducted on the portal site "Healthy Beauty" for women. The number of responses was 455, and the breakdown by age group was 13 to 15 years old 2%, 16 to 18 years old 17%, 19 to 22 years old 40%, 23 to 29 years old 20%, 30 to 39 years old 11%. , 40 years old and over was 10%.