The pop-up pet photo "Poppet" was released by Koyu on November 16th.

"Poppet" is a photo relief created based on photo data from digital cameras and smartphones. By utilizing 3D CAD etc., it is possible to finish the relief "jumping out" from the plane data.

Poppet will be available for pre-sale in September this year. At that time, only dog photo reliefs were produced, but with this official sale, it has become possible to handle cats as well.

The photo size is 2L size, and the frame size is 224 vertical x 174 horizontal x 15 mm thick. You can choose from 5 types of frame designs, and you can also choose preserved flower decoration as an option (for a fee). It comes in a dressing box with a ribbon, making it a perfect gift for dog lovers and painters.

The price is 14,800 yen (excluding consumption tax), but it will be offered at a campaign price of 12,500 yen (excluding consumption tax) until the end of December.