Pre-order sales of chocolate "Chocolatier Jan Plot Cat Chocolate" for cat lovers have started at Felicimo Cat Club. A collaboration product with the Belgian Kortrijk chocolatier "Jan Plot".

"Cat chocolate" is a chocolate with 6 tsundere prints printed on it. It has a lemon-flavored tiramisu flavor, and the sweetness is modest. The price is 2,156 yen (tax included).

For gifts, a limited number of special packages "Cat Box Chocolate", in which cat chocolate is packed in a cat-shaped box, are also available. The cat-shaped box is handmade and can be used as an accessory case after eating. The price is 3,235 yen (including consumption tax).

In addition, Felicimo Nekobu has started pre-order sales of made-in-Japan chocolates. There are three types: "Cat Chocolate Mini Tote", "Cat Chocolate Mini Tenugui", and "Cat Chocolate Brownie".

"Cat Chocolate Mini Tote" is a sweet made from Japanese chocolate with a meringue-finished cat on top. In the meringue cat, even the cheek feeling is reproduced. Sold in tote bags with different designs on the front and back. The price is 3,019 yen per set (including consumption tax).

"Cat Chocolate Mini Tenugui" is a large-sized chocolate made from cats. With a tsundere print, it's good enough to eat. Comes with a cat face print towel wrapping that appears to your ears when tied. One set is 2,156 yen (including consumption tax).

"Cat Chocolate Brownie" is a mixture of Japanese brownies and chocolate chips. Finished in a fashionable cupcake mold. It is topped with white chocolate tsundere. One box is 2,156 yen (including consumption tax).