Rugby player Goromaru Ayumu, who became popular in the "Goromaru Pose". Stationery and goods designed by Goromaru, a leader in the Japanese rugby world, will be on sale from February 2016. Showa Note, which manufactures and sells stationery such as Japonica study books, will be sold.

The items scheduled to be sold are as follows.

■ Item lineup
Jiyuucho: 250 yen
5mm grid notebook: 250 yen Underlay B5: 300 yen
B6 ring notebook: 500 yen Pencil set: 400 yen Eraser: 150 yen Clear file: 350 yen Soft pen case: 1,200 yen Pass case: 1,000 yen Mascot pen: 600 yen Uniform memo: 400 yen Extending pen pouch: 1,000 yen Point Sticky note: 500 yen

If you always see Goromaru-san in the classroom, you may be able to improve your concentration by incorporating "routines" at the beginning of your studies.