A joint photo and merchandise exhibition of cats, "Cat Holiday Exhibition Winter 2016", where popular cat creators gathered, will be held from January 29th. This is a special exhibition following the "Cat Holiday Exhibition" held last summer, and this time the theme is "winter vacation" cats. It will be a chance to see the works of creators who are active mainly on the net.

In the joint photo and exhibition, matsumotoooooo, who is talked about in the photos of "Nagomu" and "Kinako" who can't drink tap water well, mino, the owner and illustrator of "Setsu-chan" who has a cute sleeping face, and "Mino" who is popular for his angry face. Mr. Okada Mofricious, the owner of "Koyuki", will participate. Mr. shironeko, who is popular for his fluffy-faced mofumofu cat "Fu-chan", and Mr. Aoitori, who is also talked about in the latest issue "Shimanekopon", are scheduled to participate with new works.

Limited collaboration items will be prepared for product sales. Plush artist RUBIA-ARGYI sells "Fu-chan" plush toys. In addition, aico, who created the character "Nyankoto Miko", will sell "Azuki Eco Cairo & Miko in charge of Cairo (special case)" that is particular about the texture of Mofumofu material.

■ Participating artists
■ Naoki Makino
Popular with photos of the cat "Fu-chan" that was protected in 2013. The latest issue "Fu-chan!" Scheduled to be released on February 22nd, Cat Day. Will be sold in advance at "Cat Holiday Exhibition Winter 2016". At the exhibition, "Fu-chan in Winter Cat Holiday Exhibition" -I don't feel like moving because it's cold in winter. ― ”Is the theme. In addition, handmade stuffed animals in collaboration with RUBIA-ARGYI will also be on sale.

Aoitori-san Aoitori-san, who is known for his collection of works such as "Island Nekopon", plans to exhibit a portrait of a human-smelling cat under the theme of "Cat Potore".

■ matsumotoooooo
"Nagomu" who seems to be able to drink tap water and can't drink, and matsumotoooooo, who became a hot topic in the photo book "Nagomu Tokinako Kinakomu Diary" of "Kinako", said "Kawaii". Anyway, we are planning to exhibit cute works with the theme of "I can't stop".

■ Mr. Okada Mofricious
Freelance writer Okada Mofricious will exhibit a photo of her beloved cat Koyuki under the theme of "Winter of Koyuki".

■ shironeko
Shironeko, who
lives in Iwate prefecture with six animals, white, tea tiger, 55 chibi, 73 chibi, mimikuro, and black, will exhibit works that imagine New Year's holidays and winter vacation.

■ aico
Popular with the character "Nyankoto Miko", aico will sell standard products, illustrations, and limited-edition goods under the theme of "Nyankotomi Kono Winter Vacation".

In addition, Mr. Sakasuka, Mr. Soragi, Mr. Stray Cat Walk, Mr. Mokotsukutekeko, Mr. Hara Pecot, Mr. JOE, Mr. kiyochan, Mr. mino, Mr. punkuma, Mr. RUBIA-ARGYI, Mr. SANCHELOVE, Mr. Unique8128, all 18 The group is scheduled to exhibit.

■ Overview of "Cat Holiday Exhibition Winter 2016"
Date: January 29th to February 28th, 2016 Hours: 11:00 to 19:00 Closed: Monday ("Cat Day" February 22nd Opening)
Admission: 500 yen (free for children under 3 years old)