An exhibition of the beautiful Japanese jellyfish "Kami jellyfish", which heralds the arrival of spring, has begun at Kamogawa Sea World. Published earlier than usual.

"Kami jellyfish" are jellyfish that appear on the Pacific coast of Japan from winter to spring. The name comes from the floating tentacles that look like hair. It disappears around April when the cherry blossoms fall, but it is not well understood how it will be spent until the next appearance, and its ecology is still a mystery.

The "Kami Jellyfish" is released at Kamogawa Sea World from the beginning of February to the beginning of March every year. However, since the spirocodon salt appeared earlier than usual this year, the release date was also advanced.

When you visit the aquarium, you may see a business person standing in front of a jellyfish aquarium. He may be tired from work and seeking healing from jellyfish. However, there are many people who feel mystery rather than healing in "Kami jellyfish".

The exhibition is scheduled for early April, but the exhibition period may change depending on the situation of "Kamikurage". If you want to see it, you may want to visit early.

We are waiting too! (By Orca)
We are waiting too! (By Orca)