"Wrap-a-Nap" is a pillow that has the functions of "eye mask", "earplugs" and "neck pillow". Designed to sleep on airplanes, in the office, and in the bathroom.

I invented a copywriter who wanted to take a nap in the bathroom in the office. He thought it would be convenient if all the necessary functions could be combined into one, and he created "Wrap-a-Nap" that provides complete darkness, reduction of ambient noise, and 360-degree protection of the head. ..

The material is Minky fleece, and the inside is filled with artificial feathers. For this reason, it is very soft and has a lot of elasticity.

Velcro is used for mounting on the head. Not only can it be used for heads of all sizes, but it can also be used as a neck pillow.

I don't want to sleep in the bathroom at all, but it might be useful when I want to sleep a little at my office desk during lunch break. The price is $ 24.99. A separate shipping fee of $ 13.00 to Japan is required.