"Pnitty Mouse" is a mouse made for cat lovers. It was made with a focus on "feeling as close as possible to a real paws" and "cute design". The feature is that Punipuni, which reproduces the paws, is attached to the back.

The feel of the back paws is a reproduction of the "paws from the second half of life to one year", which is said to be the most preferred by many paws fans. We aimed for "a unique tactile sensation that pushes back moderately when pressed" and "elasticity that does not disappear even if it is pushed thousands of times."

If you keep your cat's paws for a long time, they tend to dislike you. Dogs are more patient than cats, but they often endure and get sad eyes asking, "Are you still your husband?" However, with the "Pnitty Mouse", paws fans will be able to do whatever they want at the office or at home.

The design was particular about the cuteness of the appearance and the color of the paws. The looks are a cat hand-shaped that heals just by looking at it.

The color of the paws is pink. It's covered with a non-adhesive silicone cover that doesn't get dirty easily and is easy to remove, so it's easy to remove. The paws are 2 mm away from the ground plane and are designed so that they will not get dirty even when used at work. The developer's view says that it has been used for business for more than 4 months and has been confirmed to be clean.

View is currently conducting a funding project for the commercialization of "Pnitty Mouse" on the crowdfunding site Makuake. You can get one "Pnitty Mouse" with an investment of 5,550 yen. The commercial price after the project is planned to be 7,030 yen, so you can get it 21% cheaper. Delivery is scheduled for April 2016.