An event called "Tenku no Yukai" will be held at Tokyo Tower. A special "bath" designed by Kengo Kuma will be exhibited on the 1st floor of the large observatory from March 4th to 31st, and one group (2 people) will be selected by lottery from the applicants at midnight on March 4th. You can take a bath in the "bath" from 0 o'clock.

"Tenku no Yukai" is a special project in "High Quality Map-GRAND ATLAS-" being broadcast on TV Asahi. In order to spread the culture of "bath" that Japan can be proud of in the world, a "bath" will be installed at the Tokyo Tower Observatory, which is 145 meters high.

Kengo Kuma, who was nominated as the designer of the new national stadium, designed the bath room. According to his unique interpretation, the "bath" will be disassembled and reconstructed.

At the event, a special bathing experience is also planned. One of the applicants (up to 2 people) who won the prize can soak in a special bathtub where hot water is filled for only one day at midnight on March 4th.

■ Outline of "Tenku no Yukai" special bathing experience
Date: March 4th, from 12:00 to 2:00 (planned)
Location: Tokyo Tower Grand Observatory 1st floor

Those who wish to take a bath can apply from the Lexus special website "Grand Atlas Special Event in Tokyo Tower".