In the Showa era, various things were placed on the TV screen. There is also a tsuwamono that has a vase on it and has flowers. People who used not only TVs but also personal computer displays as "shelf" were seen in the era of CRTs.

A "display board" is a product that creates a space for stationery and small items when mounted on a liquid crystal display. It revives the "shelf on the display" in the Showa era in the 21st century and helps to clean up the desk.

There is a groove on the front side of the board that can store writing tools such as pens, and it is also possible to stand a business card or smartphone.

To install, simply hook the main body on the edge of the liquid crystal display and support the back of the liquid crystal display with the arm attached to the main body. It can be installed without using tools such as a screwdriver. By adjusting the width and angle of the arm, it can be used for liquid crystal displays of various sizes.

The release date is March 24, and the price is 3,500 yen (excluding tax).

By the way, it is not only the vase that was in place on the CRT TV. In the cold season, Nuko-sama gathered together in search of the warmth emitted from the cathode ray tube. However, LCD TVs are thin and there is not enough space to curl them up. Except for homes with a small number of athletes, Nuko-sama has disappeared on TV.

Isn't the "display board" turned into a space dedicated to Nuko-sama instead of being a prey for Nuko-sama?

According to King Jim's official Twitter, the load capacity of the "display board" is 1 kg. In addition, it was said that small animals were NG in handling precautions, and that Nuko-sama could not be placed even if it was a kitten. Those who have invited Nuko-sama on the display and are planning to work while hanging out. Unfortunately, you are completely surrounded, so please quietly release the hostages and come out.

King Jim also has a product called "desk board" that makes effective use of the space on the keyboard. This has a load capacity of 15 kg. Except for some, it can be used for most dogs. If there is a Nuko-sama in the room and installing a "display board" may cause a serious situation, it may be a good idea to prepare a separate "desk board" and try to guide the Nuko-sama. ..