"Aquarium BACKPACK" is a transparent backpack. It has been devised so that water does not leak, and it can be used as a water tank by putting water inside.

This product may be perfect for those who see goldfish kept in an aquarium and think "I feel sorry for being trapped in a small space". If you travel with this backpack on your back, you may be able to show the goldfish a wide world.

However, the "aquarium BACKPACK" is a backpack that has been modified for the aquarium. It was said that it is not recommended to carry it. Well, if you put your luggage in this backpack, everything gets soaked. If it's a notebook PC, it will break.

Artificial stone is installed at the bottom of the backpack. It acts as a hiding place for goldfish. Goldfish and aquatic plants are also included when purchasing in the United States. But probably, goldfish cannot be shipped to Japan.

You can buy it on the US online shopping site Etsy. The price is $ 500 and a separate shipping fee of $ 40 is required. Since it is made to order, it will be shipped from New York, USA one to two weeks after the order is placed.