When Sony started selling pocket radios in the United States, it didn't actually fit in a shirt pocket. The radio was a little bigger than the pocket. Therefore, Sony prepared a special shirt with a large pocket. It seems that the salesman was dressed and sold. The visual impact of the "radio in your pocket" was enormous, and the product was a huge hit.

Not limited to this episode, it seems that it is not unusual to change the size and shape of the pocket according to some purpose. One such deformed pocket is the "pizza pocket".

A pizza pocket is a pocket with a shape that is perfect for carrying pizza. You can carry one slice without losing the most important element "pointed tip" that makes up the pizza-ness of a pizza.

The biggest advantage of this pocket is that you can carry pizza hands-free. This is very useful, for example, for meetings over pizza. If you move with a pizza in your right hand and a laptop in your left hand, it's difficult to open the door of the conference room. But once you have the pizza in your pocket, you can open the door with your right hand.

The joy of carrying pizza hands-free (?)
The joy of carrying pizza hands-free (?)

Unfortunately, this shirt has not been put on the market. If you think "I want it!", You have to make it yourself. But if it has a similar function, you can buy it. That is "Portable Pizza Pouch". A pouch exclusively for pizza.

"Portable Pizza Pouch" is a cool tool that you can carry around without damaging the sharp edges of your pizza, just like a pizza pocket. You can purchase it from the US online shopping site Stupidiotic. The price is $ 8 and there is an additional $ 6.50 shipping to Japan.