"Playground LABYRINTH" is a wristwatch without a dial or hands. A new collection from Swiss luxury watchmaker Hautlence.

There are other watches that do not have a dial, but many of them have a mechanism to notify the wearer of the time in a different way than before. However, "Playground Labyrinth" doesn't have any function to keep track of time and let people know about it. Instead, a maze game is built in.

The game is old-fashioned, rolling the ball in the "start hole" on the board and moving it to the "goal hole" hole. When you reach the goal hole, you can rotate the crown to return the ball to the starting position.

According to a PR video released by Hautlence, the game is a metaphor for "Take Your Time." When the wearer cares about the time and looks at the watch, the person receives the message "Don't rush" instead of the information of the current time. Hautlence wants you to regain yourself with this message.

The watch also seems to be an antithesis to smart watches such as the "Apple Watch," which "connects to the world via the Internet."

The Hautlence website says, "When a person is playing a maze game, he is separated from the outside world." Hautlence argues that busy business people who are always connected to the world through smart watches and smartphones need to be separated from the world by this "Playground Labyrinth" and have their own "time".

Two models are available, a rose gold "01" and a white gold "02". The price is CHF 12,000 (about 1,396,000 yen). It seems that it costs a little money to be separated from the world.